CyrusOne Goliath
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  • OFCI Equipment Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • City - County Coordination
  • IT Integration Management
  • Commissioning Management

Project Goliath was a fast-track project that encompassed two buildings of a four-building master plan which would house 240,000 SF of data center facilities with 54 MW of power in Sterling, VA. Critical Project Services served as the Project Manager for the development. The campus is being built on a 15-acre parcel of land. The project Goliath phase incorporates over 120,000 square feet of white space and 30-MW of installed UPS capacity. Phase 1 build includes –

Phase 1 build includes

Due to the schedule on this project, the decision was made to use modular electrical rooms so that the electrical infrastructure could be built in parallel to the shell building construction. This was an essential element in the construction approach in order to meet the client’s extremely aggressive timeline. A total of twenty modular electrical rooms and individual power ‘trains’ were used to accommodate the 30-MW of UPS capacity.