Digital Realty Houston
  • Design Management
  • Design Review
  • OFCI Equipment Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • City - County Coordination
  • IT Integration Management
  • Commissioning Management

New campus addition which includes (2) new buildings housing 70,000 sq. ft. of raised floor and 9.0 MW of critical load as well as ancillary support space and office space for Digital Realty’s Houston staff as well as data center customer staff. Additionally, a 39-MW, 4-Medium Voltage circuit campus power upgrade was completed in conjunction with the facility addition.

Phase 1 build includes

Upon completion of the first building, the data center occupant made a request to add one additional data hall and an additional 1.125 MW of critical load to an existing live data hall. The new data hall was built adjacent to a live facility while the additional 1.125 MW of critical load was added to an existing data hall and was served from a live electrical room. Equipment was procured and deployed with no interruption to the existing operations. Commissioning was performed to meet the testing requirements of the existing facility, and no outages were experienced.

All phases of this project were completed on a very aggressive schedule and were completed under the initial GMP budget.