We Understand the Unique Needs of
a Mission Critical Project

Our Philosophy In the development of a mission critical project lies in one or more of an eight-phased approach

Site Selection

The selection of a data center site, whether a green-field or retrofit, involves a number of very important factors. Environmental conditions, site access, utility availability, and risk assessments are just a few things to consider when choosing a location for a data center. The following tasks can be performed when selecting a site:

  • Site Layout and Programming
  • Environmental Impact and Analysis
  • Fiber Availability
  • Utility Availability
  • Threat and Risk Assessment

By having a thorough site assessment, a complete financial and operational picture can be created. This allows a client to asses all levels of impact which arise from the selection of a specific site, beyond budget and schedule.


At Critical Project Services, we are well versed in assessing existing buildings to be retrofitted into data centers. Converting existing buildings into data centers often brings unique challenges. Our team of professionals will assess every aspect of the commercial and technical process needed to turn the existing building into an operational data center.

We can also evaluate an existing data center for optimization. The assessment includes all necessary cost and schedule impacts such as the following:

  • TCO and payback analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Method of Procedure (MOP) and Critical Work Authorization (CWA) process analysis
  • Energy Assessments
  • Data Center Problems and Rehabilitation

Program Management

Critical Project Services was founded with the goal of providing top quality program management services. Our staff is comprised of licensed professionals that possess the technical ability and experience to completely develop a project or series of projects. The following strategy is employed when developing program:

  • Needs Assessment
    We work with the client to find out exactly how the facility will operate. An acknowledgement of the facility requirements, including load factors, redundancy requirements, and phasing requirements, will be used to develop the initial program. This will better serve the facility’s overall function which will drive the initial schematic designs.
  • Design and Preconstruction
    CPS will fully vet an architectural and engineering program using industry best practices tailored to the needs of the client. When the initial program is set, which meets the needs and budget of the client, CPS will engage with best-in-class design professionals to produce the necessary documents for permit and construction. We will provide continuous evaluation of the design to make certain that the technical and commercial requirements are met.
  • Procurement and Construction
    Purchase of equipment, and contractors is performed on behalf of the owner through a thorough tendering process to ensure that all technical requirements are met at the best commercial value. Upon completion of procurement, CPS will be the ‘boots on the ground’ for the owner. Continuous oversight of the construction process facilitates the job being completed to the intended scheduled and budget.
  • Commissioning
    During the contraction of a project, a thorough five-level commissioning process is used to confirm that the facility operates to its intent. Only after all systems have been fully commissioned individually and as a whole system, will the project be accepted as complete.

Project Management

Individual projects are managed on behalf of an owner to ensure that they meets the technical requirements of a client’s program. Management of the design, procurement, and commissioning are steps that will be taken to verify that the project meets the budget, schedule and quality requirements set forth by the owner’s team. Our continuous improvement process means that industry best practices are met on every project and that lessons learned from projects around the world are implemented. Each project is completed using proven cutting edge technology.


A design-build approach uses an integrated delivery approach and requires a skilled team. Critical Project Services has the right mix of in-house professionals that perform this type of integrated approach seamlessly. Whether a greenfield, a retrofit, or a small upgrade, we have the capabilities to perform to our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations on a complete project.

Our approach to at-risk design and construction differs from most in that our fees are fixed at the start of the project. Small changes to the scope are not met with any impact to fees or project general conditions. We will stick to our core values of being the best advocate to the owner so that the most cost-efficient design and construction are implemented.

Commissioning Management

Best practice is using a third-party agent to ensure that a facility operates to the design intent. Being able to independently evaluate a facility is not just part of what we do at Critical Project Services, but something that we have the technical ability to perform at the top level of the industry. Our in-house professional staff will develop the proper commissioning scripts and oversee their execution to verify that not only what was intended was installed, but installed in a manner that achieves flawless operation.

Project Controls

Every project requires reporting that follows strict guidelines and proper budget control. Critical Project Services understands the diverse reporting process requirements of our clients and can assist in providing the essential service.

Our in-house staff of trained project controls professionals will track project budgets in a way that allows the clients’ financial and accounting staff properly assess the project from a holistic financial perspective. We can also assist in the following required filings:

  • SOX Compliance
  • Budget Accrual Analysis
  • Inventory Control
  • Project Cost Analysis


Sometimes having an independent procurement agent, with no fees tied to the cost of the equipment, can be a refreshing alternative to the traditional method of having contractors provide equipment.

At Critical Project Services, our in-house procurement staff provides a vendor-neutral approach to the procurement of equipment. We do not assess any procurement fees which are tied to cost, but instead procure equipment on behalf of the owner as a consultant to the owner. This fulfills our relationship as the owner’s advocate, even during an at-risk process such as procurement. We believe that this is essential in providing a thorough tendering process for all major equipment. It not only guarantees best value, but also allows us to perform the process in advance of contractor selection, which will significantly accelerate the schedule.